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DebiDeaux Teaches Flamework Glass Beadmaking

Debra Dufrene, the Flamework artist known as DebiDeaux of DebiDeaux Designs - Flamework Glass, is known for her complex, multi-layered, colorful beads and her fun, funky and whimsical sculptural beads. DebiDeaux, who usually works alone in her home-based studio in Alexandria, Louisiana, will share her love for and the excitement of being a glass artist through Flamework Glass Beadmaking classes by opening her studio for private one on one lessons.

Since these are one on one we can follow my lesson plans listed below and work at your speed. Alternatively, we can adapt my lessons to fit a more advanced ability. If you already have a basic understanding of flameworking we can start with more advanced techniques. I can also assist you in getting your own studio ready to play with fire safely.

Intro to Glass Beadmaking Workshop

This three hour workshop will cover using a torch to make both fun and functional items out of Moretti/Effetre glass rods. Some techniques that will be covered are forming a molten “gather” of glass, making a basic bead on a mandrel, pulling and decorating with stringers and making dots. If time permits, DebiDeaux will demonstrate how to make the student’s choice of one of her complex specialty beads. This workshop will help the student decide if the world of Flameworking is for them and will give a taste of what to expect by taking the next step to more advanced classes.

Beginning Glass Beadmaking

This 12 to 18 hour series of classes will cover studio safety and setup, torches and tools, supplies and suppliers. Using Moretti/Effetre glass, students will learn about shaping, surface decoration techniques and color reactions. The student will be introduced to basic flameworking skills, including making stringers, stringer control, pulling cane, dots and dot distortion techniques, raised flowers and encased flowers, complex shaping and sculptural beads. Students should leave the class in possession of a fundamental knowledge of glass beadmaking, a collection of their own beads and enough safety information to setup their own studio. The sessions can be set for 2 consecutive 6 hour days or 3 to 4 hour classes once a week for 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of the sessions students will be given the option of extending the class to learn more advanced techniques.

For more information and to sign up for class please contact me:

Email - debideaux AT suddenlink DOT net
Phone - three one eight seven nine four nine seven zero five

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